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Areas of Focus

Our program will guide and support you through the stages of healing in the following diverse mind body therapy modalities. Our clinical immersions are guided by trained professionals with experience in working with depression, anxiety, PTSD, addiction, and more.

Group Therapy

Our therapy approach is based on the use of mushrooms containing psychoactive compounds found in some mushrooms. Throughout the program, group therapy is conducted in small and safe groups under professional provision.

Nature Immersion

Exposure to the natural world reduces stress and promotes healing. Our locations are carefully selected to enhance your process. The tranquil nature settings are woven into our program activities to help soothe the mind and body throughout this immersive experience.


Our Vinyasa yoga classes borrow elements from sound therapy, such as vocal toning, and focuses on asana sequence creativity and repetition. Our yoga practice is designed to delve into non-ordinary states of consciousness. You will be led and guided through this every step of the way.


Sound is a crucial part of our overall Wake immersion experience, especially during the medicinal ceremonies. What you hear becomes an elevated sensual component of your journey, and we integrate beautiful sounds that help to evoke and process emotions. Whether it’s a highly curated selection of music, an original score, or a sound bath, that sounds you hear will guide you wherever it is you need to go to heal.


On your healing journey, you will learn breathing techniques to open the subconscious mind and release stagnant energy. You’ll harmonize mind, body and spirit through conscious breathing and a curated journey with overtone omitting instruments.

Advanced Nutrition

Our gourmet chefs prepare nutritious meals using quality organic, wild and local ingredients. The Clinical Immersion meal plan has been designed to accelerate the integration process as your body heals.

Clinical Research

Wake has partnered with industry leaders of clinical research and biomedical technology. With these advanced tools we can track patient progress, optimize dosage and monitor vitals in real-time

An NHL fighter's story of mental health recovery using mushrooms

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