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A disclaimer - I do not offer guided psychedelic experiences. I do offer Psychedelic Integration (& Preparation) Therapy which involves preparing for an upcoming journey/ceremony/healing with a plant medicine or psychedelic medicine, and/or processing a psychedelic experience in a therapeutic context afterwards . It is distinct from a guided psychedelic experience in which the facilitator is present while the client is under the influence of the plant medicine or substance.**

Some themes that are explored  in Psychedelic Integration Therapy:

  • Setting intentions and grounding practices before the journey

  • Addressing and processing fears or doubts before going into experience;

  • Processing what was seen, felt, downloaded or remembered during a recent psychedelic journey;

  • Having support in integrating insights and new wisdom from their experience into their daily lives;

  • Struggling to process difficult or upsetting material that may have arisen;

  • Processing any exposed or experienced trauma and learning how to come back into the body if this was part of the journey

  • Feeling disconnected to reality, or just feeling radically different, and would benefit from having assistance in  re-entering their life without losing the transformation;

  • Seeking help making major life changes that the journey guided you to make

  • Maintaining spiritual connection and wisdom without relying solely on psychedelics.

Psychedelic Medicines one might seek out integration therapy for:

  • Psilocybin 

  • Ayahuasca

  • MDMA

  • Ketamine

  • DMT

  • LSD​

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It begins with a mindset and an attitude of taking ownership of our own life. We are all special in our own way. Tap into the infinite intelligence of our mind and bring out the genius within us. Next time we find ourselves looking for answers in the material and physical world, dig deep inside ourselves, reflect inwards and trust we are already equipped with the tools to live a better more abundant life. 


The Focus: Self-Care 

Mindfulness. Awareness. Positive mental attitude. Nutrient rich diet. Mindful exercise. Meditation. Breath work. Minimilism. Positive creative expression. Journaling & reading. Relationships. Communication. 

Human connection.



Knowing is not enough. We must take action and do the work. Life is but a series of daily behaviors and the integration of life fundamentals are necessary in achieving physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.



LIFE transformations:

Take your power back & optimize your life.


1 on 1 | 60 minute

zoom session with Riley Cote



**PLEASE NOTE: Psychedelic integration therapy involves the therapeutic processing of psychedelic experiences after the fact, rather than during a session. As a psychotherapist overseen by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences, I follow a harm reduction philosophy of substance use. I do not encourage engagement in illegal activities, including the purchase and consumption of illegal substances.I do not offer guided psychedelic experiences, nor do I see clients who are under the influence of psychedelic substances during sessions. I do not offer referrals to private providers who offer guided psychedelic experiences, and I do not assist clients in finding or obtaining illegal substances. If you are interested in a guided psychedelic experience to address mental health issues, you may wish to visit the MAPS website to see whether you might qualify to participate in a current trial. 

* 15 MIN FREE discovery session


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