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• ESPN PRESS ROOM New ESPN E60 Examines Use of Psychedelics in Mental Health Treatment of Athletes

• PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER Former Flyer Riley Cote appears in ESPN special examining the use of psychedelics for mental health treatment

• ROLLING STONE How an NHL Enforcer Broke His Body and Turned to Psychedelics to Heal His Brain

• THE GROWTH OP From the brink and back: Former NHLers find life after hockey

• GRAM MAGAZINE  Cannabis & Psilocybin and Spiritual Pain

• EMERALD MAGAZINE Incorporating Cannabis, Fitness, and Yoga into His Lifestyle

• TSN “LEGALZIED” PT 1 CANADA TSN original video

• TSN “LEGALIZED” PT 3 CANADA TSN original video

• LEAFLY How Cannabis Helped NHL Enforcer Riley Cote Survive His Hockey Career  

• GLOBE & MAIL Former NHL fighter Riley Cote preaches virtues of medicinal marijuana

• USA TODAY  NHL stays with status quo as Canada pot legalization looms

• DOPE MAGAZINE An Enforcer’s Life On And Off The Ice

• CBC CANADA He shoots, he smokes: Former NHLer pitches pot to hockey players

• CIVILIZED Former NHL Enforcer Riley Cote Is Now Fighting Marijuana Stigmas

• THE ATHLETIC Former NHL enforcer Riley Cote promotes cannabis as a ‘tool to help all people

• SPORTSNET CANADA  Why former NHLer Riley Cote wants hockey to embrace cannabis

• GFARMA NEWS Former Hockey Star Riley Cote and His Love for Marijuana

• MERRY JANE Retired NHL Pro Says Half of All Hockey Players Use Cannabis

• GLOBAL NEWS CANADA From the penalty box to pot: ex-NHL enforcer a cannabis advocate

• PHILLY VOICE The Q&A ... with hemp activist (and former Flyers enforcer) Riley Cote

• MEN'S JOURNAL The Green Team: 18 of the Biggest Cannabis Advocates in Sports


• PHILLY.COM Former Flyers enforcer prepare for the Pa. hemp industry to rocket

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