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The game of hockey has given me so much. The ability to participate in a team environment that promoted structure, discilpline, hard work amongst many other things including an opportunity to express a dimension of our creative faculties. Hockey is a creative game with quick read and react situations all over the ice. Hockey is also a game where any player can channel their emotional energy into good positive creative energy or sometime overly aggressive destructive energy. That being said, the game of hockey will always have a place in my heart, and plan to continue using the hockey platform to promote alternative wellness solutions that can help increase quality of life, energy and performance.

One of the most recent project was the launch of my Hemp Heals Hockey program that that uses the game of hockey to educate players in the hockey community about alternative plant based hemp-derived CBD products and the importance of integration holistic approach to sports performance and recovery.



The Hemp Heals Hockey education program has 2 different target audiences. First is the youth hockey piece. I created the first of its kind Hemp and Mindfulness Educational Youth Hockey Camp that focuses on hemp as a recovery tool but even more importantly the power of mindfulness. The educational camp promotes wellness, raises awareness and educates the youth on the many applications of the hemp plant in everyday life. The other was the Hemp Cup, a 1 day adult hockey tournament that had a educational component that highlighted both hemp derived CBD sand medical cannabis a viable solution for recovery and nagging weekend warriors wear and tear,


The programs uses the viable hemp plant to help give kids tools to help them focus on the fundamentals of wellness, promoting health and recovery in the following ways:


A complete super food, digestible protein source, perfect ratio of essential fatty acids. 


Hemp seed oil is a moisturizing & nourishing solution for hair & skin care.


Managing pain, inflammation and promoting proper sleep to optimize performance & recovery. 


Promoting the viability and endless uses of the hemp plant


Introducing the practice of mindful movements and breathwork 

(Yoga & Meditation)

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