Why Invest in Real State

What is a real state? What does it involve? Why should you care?

Real state is probably the biggest investment anyone can and most certainly will do in its lifetime.  From the moment you leave your parents’ home, you will be investing in it.  Typically you will start renting an apartment and then as years go by, move from place to place; sometimes from city to city looking for (hopefully) a better place to call home.

In some cases, you will move in with someone or someone will come to live with you.  Start a new type of life, maybe get married (Cat Stevens comes to mind), have kids and again look for a better place for you and those that depend on you.   With all these said, allow me to ask you a question, have you ever put some thought on how much money you produce in order to have a place called home?

I am not going to go into numbers (I am sure you know yours) but, it is sometimes scary the amount of money you put into finding the right place to call it home.

It is why looking into places to live in America, not always big cities are your best choice. Leave aside New York, Los Angeles and more. America is one of the most significant countries in the world and the advantage this brings to it is the chances you can find; opportunities to live and enjoy life.

Many small cities can offer you the best of both worlds.  Say for example Huntsville in Alabama,a vibrant place.  Job opportunities, study opportunities (UAH), nightlife, big business…

I made an extensive research on it, and Huntsville apartments are a perfect example of how one could start a beautiful new life there.  Prices are decent enough in order to start. No matter if you are a single guy just is starting your life, a divorcee looking for a new opportunity, a family looking for a simpler life with less commuting and more time sharing.

Whatever the necessity is you can find it there. If you are an investor, someone who has some extra cash looking to make it work, this city, I am sure, is definitely a place to consider. Small and big projects are there, waiting for you to discover them.  Projects that go from developing the city (as many others in the USA it has places that are surely an opportunity for the right investor), to small business that will enhance the life of a very friendly community.

A City Council that has clear the needs of its inhabitants has been investing on paving roads, and by this, creating value to thereal state of its citizens.

I invite you to look it up, even if you are not planning on it at the moment.  You never know, opportunity might be knocking on that door.  After all, this is how America works. So go ahead and check it out.

Go north.  Go to Huntsville I have been told.  Being a South American, who indulges himself in taking decisions based on history, I did my bit of research on this city other time called Twickenham.

Huntsville, the modern city, has its origins tied to Freemasons.  For this reason, its streets carefully planned. And despite, it was for a very short period, it was the capital of the state. Why is this relevant? Because it means it is a city with strong American background. It will shape the people living in it, and in return they will develop the town in a unique way.

Civil War, the Great Depression and World War II made of Huntsville a town that proved to like a bamboo to bad weather: it bends to it yet it never breaks. It is impressive how this city has been able to come back from hard times and evolved into an even better place.  I think this is the reason it has attracted many people to come and live there throughout the times.

From cotton to rockets, it is how one can describe the evolution of such an excellent place. Now it is also known as “The Rocket City” due to the association with NASA. Apparently, its whole economy is built around this.  NASA and missiles projects are linked to this city, which, to my understanding should ensure the city is correctly taken care of.

So much so, I read that it plans to invest over $300 million in these year and upcoming ones in order to ensure roads are in great conditions for everyone going there.  It is known that this is still a small city, for this reason, no metro so you have to bring your car.

With a subtropical, for this reason, humid climate, it is a place that will need energy consumption with air conditioning.  Temperatures have risen up to 87.3°F and with a good amount of rain, heavier in December.

Moving there seems an attractive option if you are into Science, NASA, and the military. But also this city is not only limited to these.  Because it is important for the government, you will see that it keeps evolving.

If you request nightlife as a must to go to a place, Huntsville should not disappoint you. Bars and restaurants comply with many budgets and tastes.  Make sure to visit Huntsville groups specially created to discover a rediscover what this city has to offer.

Huntsville apartments and lofts are being constructed giving you different choices for each type of budget. Hospital, a shopping mall, a University and even a botanical garden are all within reach.  Far away from traffic jams, this small but vibrant community is sure to catch anyone’s eye.

Moving into Alabama sounds like an experience to be lived. So if you are looking for a fresh start, a place to make new friends or just going somewhere important but not a metropolis, I would strongly suggest you to check Huntsville out.

Real estate is the subject that everyone in the world speaks about.  Even though this is not a subject where I am precisely an expert, I accepted the challenge.  Why? You might say.  It certainly wasn’t for the money involved in it but because the opportunity knocked on my door in this way.

How is that?  Well, as you may have found by now, at the moment I have quite a good amount of time.  Yeah. Put in blunt words I left my job a few days ago. I used to work in the cut flower industry, which moves quite a good amount of dollars per year in almost every single nation in the world (if not all). But this story is to be told in a different way, in another article perhaps. For this reason, I think it is an excellent opportunity to learn something new. Real state is needed for everyonebecausewe want it or not we depend on it.

Turns out, everybody seems to be an expert on the subject.  Your friends, your relatives, almost any grown up adult will have THE best advice for you.  But, is it the best advice? I mean, how do you know they are talking about you and not about them?  On the other hand, if you go to a real expert, how do you know they are not trying just to close a deal before moving on to the next?

Well, I guess the only way to find out is to try it yourself. If you aretransferring to San Antonio, TX, What would your first move be? Someone told me to Google Huntsville apartments, and so I did. Interesting to know,renting there is cheap, yet it looks pretty neat.

The place seems to have it all sorted out.  Public schools nearby, hospitals, and access to highways and public transportation make me think that it would be an area to move to if I had the chance.  Also, because many of the pictures I saw on my search, show water (swimming pools mostly) which, to my mind, thinking about Texas, is a real refreshing thought.

I ended up seeking more and more forit. Turns out it is a very suitable place if you have to go to Texas. Very close to Dallas, and Houston. With an international airport just around an hour drive from it and home to Sam Houston State University. Theissue should already be telling you it is a vibrant place to be. Being surrounded by youth is to me a way to recharge my spirit every day. Remember my 20’s while adding my other 20 years of life experience. The history this not so small city has to offer is generous as it dates back to the eighteen hundred.

Dreaming a little bit more, you can’t blame me for doing so, it is still free, I researched some more on the place and doing business there seems a good idea. So while still writing here my mind is already looking for a location to open a floral wholesale, with a cold room, an office and lots of happy customers.

Maybe one day.

Business as usual

When I got a request to write an article on Huntsville, Alabama apartments, the first thing I did was of course Google it.  I must confess I have been to that part of the world. I am talking about Alabama.

In my mind, Alabama has never been positioned as a place to go visit, let alone live. I mean, you are reading an article written by an Ecuadorian. A somewhattraveled one but apparently not adventurous enough to find out how important a state and a city such as Huntsville is, not only to America but the Western World.

Missiles, rockets, NASA are not only big words, but big projects and, of course, big bucks. All these can only happen in one place if you have a well-structured, well-organized community. Where, businesses are not priority, but people are of high priority.  A community where it is understood that in order to have all these, especially big bucks, people are needed.

Amongst the many things, I googled Huntsville apartments was one.  I wanted to see how real state does there.  I mean, yes there is much history to be read, as mentioned above big bucks are in place but a question kept surrounding my head.  How do people live there? Is it only a university with its dorms and military facilities or is it more to that?

Turned out there is so much more. This city has amongst its sons Mr. Charlie Sealy III and his wife. Real visionaries if you ask me. They have gone into Huntsville downtown and have taken the challenge of changing it, modernizing it.  Belk Hudson Lofts is the name of the project.  These lofts they started building have been a complete success and the only way to be successful in a project is to have your product incorporated in every day’s life in such a way that users take it for granted.  And this seems to be exactly what happened with their first downtown project. Congratulations.

It turns out that Mr. Sealy went on looking to continue with this vision of reconstructing the downtown of Huntsville. A much more ambitious project than the one mentioned before (three times bigger), with 20.000 square foot of retail and restaurant space.  A project that back in 2013 seemed to many people, something not worth doing.

A few negative comments posted said that Mr. Sealy had to learn that apartments are not to be built over kitchens; that there would be not enough ventilation and that smells would affect residents.  Another comment was against the project, just because some four years before a hotel project for the same area had been rejected; and so on.

I kept on looking, and it turned out that Mr. Sealy carried on with his project.  That last year developer moved forward with it and as far as I can tell it is a complete success. Congratulations once again.

What makes America significant is: entrepreneurs. People are living up to their dreams helping others achieve theirs too.